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Ministry of Labour stop recruitment and transport services for enterprises
25 June، 2019 / 12:18

The Ministry of Labour in preventing recruitment , and stops transport services service establishments , which ended with cheap workforces no recurrence , while retaining the right to expats , which ended with licenses work, which was not renewed by the employer to transfer their services to another employer without the consent of their current employer , regardless consider the scope of its business requirement to be established transferred her services in a safe range ( Platini , green ) . The Deputy Minister of Labor d . Moufarrej bin Saad Hagbani that this regulation will prevent the accumulation of violations on the grounds that the survival factor without a license renewal is a clear violation of the system subjected established to death as a result of negligence of the employer to renew documents factor before they expire at the same time will be given a worker who does not have his employer to renew his license for a month to search for a new employer wishes to take advantage of its services , or will be lifting his statements to the Interior Ministry to take the necessary action against him in accordance with the regulations . The Deputy Minister of Labour ; that the employer gives a period of six months before the expiry of a work permit in order to renew factor which is long enough to see if he wants to continue his services , transfer or termination . It is its responsibility to keep the work permit and residence permit for the expatriate who works for him in force during the period of the establishment of working within the kingdom , and any prejudice that allows the worker dissolution of the contractual relationship between him and the employer even if they were established in the range Platinum or Green .

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